LinkedIn has recently updated its user agreement, and this change is causing some confusion. The update involves data sharing, which is a common practice in the social media world. However, LinkedIn`s approach to data sharing is different than other platforms, and it`s important to understand what`s changing and how it might affect you.

The LinkedIn data sharing agreement allows for your information to be shared with third-party companies. These companies use this data for marketing purposes, which can be beneficial for both LinkedIn users and the companies they engage with.

For instance, LinkedIn`s data sharing agreement allows third-party companies to access your job title, company name, and industry, among other things. This information can be used to create targeted ads that are more likely to resonate with you and lead to a conversion.

The new user agreement specifies that LinkedIn can share user data with its affiliates and third-party companies. This includes data related to your profile, activity, and content. So, if you`re an active LinkedIn user, you might notice more ads related to your job or industry popping up in your feed.

It`s worth noting that LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and the data it shares is primarily relevant to work-related aspects of your life. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not interested in sharing your personal interests or data related to your personal life.

However, it`s important to keep in mind that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, which is a much larger company with a broader reach. Microsoft has been known to collect data from its users across all of its platforms, including LinkedIn. As a result, it`s possible that your LinkedIn data could be shared with other Microsoft-owned companies for marketing purposes.

If you`re concerned about how your data is being used, you can adjust your LinkedIn privacy settings. LinkedIn allows users to choose what information is public and who can see it. You can also opt-out of receiving targeted ads by adjusting your ad preferences.

In conclusion, the LinkedIn data sharing agreement is not unusual in the social media world, but it`s important to understand how your data is being used. If you`re uncomfortable with your information being shared with third-party companies, you can adjust your privacy settings or opt-out of targeted ads. Overall, LinkedIn`s data sharing practices are primarily focused on work-related information and can be beneficial for both users and advertisers.